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Dressage trainers in Dallas area?

I board my gelding in Lewisville at a very low key barn owned by an old cowboy. I've been there two weeks and I love it. The one thing I am lacking is a trainer. Are there trainers out there that travel to other peoples barns? I would like to train in dressage; I started (barely) in it years ago and I would very much like to pick it up again.

Trailering my guy isn't an option at this point in time; the only trailer I have access to is too small for him to use. :( (BTW, If anyone happens to know of a 7 ft tall warmblood trailer for sale at a reasonable price lemme know!)

Looking online at the Dallas Dressage club website I found one advertisment that has raised my interest; a trainer named Kass Lockhart. Anyone hear of her? Thoughts? I'm not sure if she travels though; I tried to email her but it came back and I can't call until after I get out of work. :p
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I did find a few mentioning of her here and there, specifically that she is and "L" judge and USDF silver medalist. It is said that she has a classical dressage background and makes frequent visits to Egon von Neindorff's Reitinstitut in Karlsruhe, Germany. I've worked with folks like this before, they are often heavy users of lunge line riding to get people started. I'm sure she'd be quite facininating to ride with if you have an open mind (even if you have a lot of experience).

Ta'. ;)
I saw those too online. Was wondering if anyone had any ideas if she travels and what her fees are like. *blushes* I'm po' after paying for the new'pony'. ;)

I think I will call her tomorrow. Thakn you for your thoughts!
...and a pretty pony it is!

Let me know how it goes. I'm devilishly curious of what your impressions of her will be. Also curious about how skilled horse people come across. ;)
I have an '83 2-horse straight load thoroubred bumper pull W-W horse trailer that needs a new owner. I haven't hauled it in several years; it's in fair shape but rusty through the manger and tack. Let me know if you're interested.
Very interested! Email me at traci @ (without the spaces) with info on brakes and floor condition and all that. :)

Thank you!
I've known Kass for several years and she's a highly dedicated dressage instructor. I understand that she normally works only with adults but she's provided sessions to my 10-year-old daughter at times when we've been in Dallas (live in Michigan). Very competent and supportive as an instructor. My daughter has a regular instructor in Michigan (eventing) who she really likes, and has thoroughly enjoyed her sessions with Kass. I think she would expect the rider to be dedicated to the sport and to development of your horse. Sorry, but i can't tell you anything about her rates. She travels for clinics but I don't know how much she travels to give individual lessons.

Frank B.