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Dressage trainers in Dallas area?

I board my gelding in Lewisville at a very low key barn owned by an old cowboy. I've been there two weeks and I love it. The one thing I am lacking is a trainer. Are there trainers out there that travel to other peoples barns? I would like to train in dressage; I started (barely) in it years ago and I would very much like to pick it up again.

Trailering my guy isn't an option at this point in time; the only trailer I have access to is too small for him to use. :( (BTW, If anyone happens to know of a 7 ft tall warmblood trailer for sale at a reasonable price lemme know!)

Looking online at the Dallas Dressage club website I found one advertisment that has raised my interest; a trainer named Kass Lockhart. Anyone hear of her? Thoughts? I'm not sure if she travels though; I tried to email her but it came back and I can't call until after I get out of work. :p
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