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Trailer wanted!

Hello Everyone!

Thought I would post here as well on the offchance someone has a trailer that would meet my needs. I am looking for a reasonably priced bumper pull trailer with no ramp; has to be at least 7 ft tall to fit my 17 hand gelding. Steel ok. Slant or straight with removeable barrier; I only have one horse but I want him to have the most room possible. The most I can afford is $2500.

Before you ask or suggest websites I think I have been to them all. Ebay, craigslist, equine,com,,,, I could go on. ;) I have been talking to a few sellers but most don't have what I need or want.

Willing to trade or partial trade for custom tailoring and costuming services; I make high quality gowns (lots of wedding gown experience) and costumes for sale and have many awards under my belt. See my website at for examples; Im getting into making Western horsemanship clothing now as well. Can also create horse costumes if desired; working on an Arabian Native Tack one currently.

I am located in the DFW, TX area but am willing to travel a few hours to pick up a good deal. Thanks!
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